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The train is the transportation of vehicles with the power of motion, either walking alone or bundled with other vehicles, which will be or are moving on rails. The train is a means of mass transportation that generally consists of a locomotive (vehicle with a power walk on his own motion) and a series of cart or carriage (coupled with other vehicles). Train or car circuit is relatively large size so it can accommodate a passenger or goods on a large scale. Because of its nature as an effective mass transport, some countries try to use as a maximum as the main mode of transportation both in land transport in the city, intercity, and interstate.Types of trains:
1.Steam train
2.Diesel trains
3.Electric rail
Conventiona lrail trains Conventional trains in Jakarta Kota Station Conventional rail train is the train which are common. Using rail consisting of two metal rods placed in the bearings.
Monorail railway (single track railway) is a railway track as the trains do not usually found. These tracks consist of only one iron rod. The location of the railway is designed to hang on the rail or on the rail. Since efficient, typically used as a means of urban transportation, especially in metropolitan cities of the worldand is designed much like the overpass. Train surface (surface)
The train runs above ground surface. Generally the train more frequently encountered is the train of this type.
Construction cost for the train is the cheapest compared to the surface of an underground or an elevated Elevated train (elevated) Railroad overpass to walk on with the aid of poles, this is to avoid crossing a parcel, so as not to require railroad crossing gate. Costs incurred approximately 3 (three) times the distance of the train with the same surface, eg for surface rail will require $ 10 million for the railway overpass requires funding $ 30 million. Underground railway (subway) Subway is the train that runs beneath the ground (subway). Trains of this type built by building tunnels under the ground as the railway.
In terms of usage
1.Passenger Train
2. Goods Train

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NPM : 10206324


The train is one of the many public transport used by the public. Lots of people choosing rail as a means of transportation to get to its destination, like a student who went to use the train to campus, the school children who use the train to go to school, employees went to use the train to his office and many more. they go from Bogor to Jakarta or from jakarta to bogor. jabodetabek railway train consisting of a very diverse economy, the economic train ac, ferns trains, express trains bogor, jakarta express trains, express trains Bojong, and depok express train. they go from Bogor to Jakarta or from jakarta to bogor. Jabodetabek railway train consisting of a very diverse economy, the economic train ac, ferns trains, express trains bogor, jakarta express trains, express trains Bojong, and depok express train. many problems on the train jabodetabek crime occurs among many in the train like plundering and sex of abuse. Another problem is about the train schedule, many a late train schedule ranging from one hour, two hours or even up to three hours.

Which in turn causes the accumulation of passenger trains at the station. why every day the train schedule is always experiencing delays, but the train is one important means of transportation which are widely used by the community. community certainly did not expect the problem will continue, hopefully the government can overcome all the problems experienced by the train jabodetabek and certainly the government can provide reasonable facilities for smooth and comfortable passenger train.

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Tugas Bahasa Inggris public transportation

Nearly all Jakartan motorists must have experienced this frustrated situation: Getting trapped in traffic chaos when traffic lights don’t work. Such an incident can happen at any time.The problem is that the Jakarta Transportation Agency, responsible for managing the traffic light system, often takes a long time to fix them. Why does it take so long for the agency to take action? The answer is: This megapolitan city still uses out of date traffic light technology.
Such a sluggish response to fix malfunctioned traffic lights is blatant evidence that the city authorities are not serious about easing traffic problems. We regret that the city leadership — the governor and his staff as well as the city councilors — do not allocate adequate funds to modernize the traffic lights, one vital piece of traffic infrastructure in a great city like Jakarta.
Any malfunction of the instrument will undoubtedly worsen the traffic chaos in the city, particularly if it cannot be immediately fixed. The absence of such an integrated system causes a malfunction at each traffic junction — thus is unable to transfer information from one junction to another.
It is understandable that motorists often complain about unfair periods of traffic light changes, particularly at junctions that are not equipped with countdown timers.
We welcome any effort to ease the problems as Jakartan motorists have long been suffering from daily traffic congestion in the morning and evening peak hours.
We know that there are many things the city must do to ease traffic, including efforts to improve the service of public transportation, which many believe is the key in fixing the city transportation problems.
But it is also not less important to facilitate motorists with modern traffic infrastructure such as an integrated traffic light system, so that any malfunction can immediately be detected and fixed. That is one example of what taxpayers’ money should be spent on.


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Faceebook mungkin kata tersebut sudah tidak asing lagi di masyarakat, mulai dari anak-anak hingga orang dewasa baik yang di kota maupun yang di desa pasti mengetahui apa itu facebook bahkan mempunyai akun di facebook tersebut. Apa sih facebook itu? Facebook adalah situs jejaring sosial, situs pertemanan. Facebook help you connect and share with the people in your life. Situs pertemanan sama seperti situs pertemanan lainnya seperti friendster, twitter dan lain-lain. Tapi kini facebook bukan hanya menjadi suatu situs pertemanan kini banyak para pengguna facebook menjadikan akun facebookinya sebagai media bisnis, mulai dari berjualan pernak-pernik, pakaian, tas, sepatu, hingga alat-alat elektronik. Hanya dengan men-tag foto dari produk yang dijual kepada orang lain maka secara langsung sudah dapat menawarkan produk tersebut kepada orang lain dan orang lain dapat melihat produk yang di jual melalui foto. Transaksi tawar-menawar pun dengan cepat langsung dilakukan, mulai dari bertanya berapa harganya? Bisa lebih murah tidak? Warnanya apa saja? Modelnya apa saja? Dan lain-lain. Tidak di pungkiri lagi berbisnis lewat facebook tentunya akan lebih efektif dalam hal waktu, biaya dan tenaga. Mungkin itu bisa menjadi salah satu keuntungan memiliki facebook selain bisa terus menjalin komunikasi dengan orang lain kita juga bisa memperoleh hasil dari bisnis yang dimiliki.

Tugas surat complaint

Mr. Cahyono
Complaint about service contract
PT.Angin tbk
Jln,Gunung kawi
Bogor 16600

Dear: Mr. Cahyono

I am writing to express my continuing dissatisfaction with your company’s service on my road grinding equipment. When your mechanic is called, he rarely arrives within the four-hour time period designated by our contract. He also appears to be lacking in knowledge and experience with my equipment.
The short warm-weather season here does not allow for work stoppages and equipment breakdowns. If I’m to renew my contract, we must review the issues of equipment failure, repair personnel, and downtime.
Please call at your earliest convenience.

Eta Novita
Complaint about service contract

Sabtu, 03 April 2010


Mr Arvin suarja and Miss Rika azhar
jl tamrin 1 001/006

Dear Arvin and Rika,
Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding, I write to send you my very best wishes for your wedding day and for your future together. I am so pleased to hear of your wedding announcement, I know that you two were made for each other and fit together like two peas in a pod.
Thank you for your invitation to the wedding, I am please to let you know that Sabeni and I will be attending the wedding. We are both looking forward to sharing your big day and celebrating this most happy time in both of your lives.
Sending you our very best wishes for your wedding day and for your future together.

Your friend always,

Minggu, 07 Maret 2010


Irvan Trisnabudi
Jakarta Globe Monday, februari 22,2010

Analysts and bussiness leaders have criticized the goverment’s attempt to limit the impact of the Asean-china Free Trade Agreement by imposing non-tariff barriers, claiming this approach will be in effective and costly.
The goverment has said it will protect the domestic market from a likely flood of cheap chinese goods by strengthening national quality standars on imported products and requiring imports of certain goods to be shipped trought five designated ports.
But while the trade and industry ministries are appealing for more money to support thesenon tariff barriers, business leaders believe the goverment should focus on helping domestic industry rather than restricting foreign competitors.
“I think it’s better for the goverment to pay more attention to thigs that are keeping our businessess from getting more competitive, such as relatively high interest rate,” said Djiman to secretary general of the Indonesian Employers Association (Apindo).
Ernovian Ismy, secretary general of the Indonesian Textile Association (API), echoed this. “The budget for monitoring the flow of illegal imports allowcated to the Trade Ministry should not be increased because if imports are only allowed in specific entry points, it already decreases monitoring costs. More budget should be allocated for lowering lending interest rates,” Ernovian said.
Juniman an economist at PT Bank International Indonesia argued that without better financing, the non-tariff barriers would not be efective. He sugessted the money would be better spent supporting domestic industry in more direct ways.
“We wouldn’t need these non-tariff barriers if our industries could compete with china’s,” he said. “I doubt the two non-tariff bariers schemes could perform up to their maximum potencial, because it’s hard for the goverment to be able to completely fulfill the additional budget and facilities demanded by both ministries”.
To meet intenational guidelines on product quality, the goverment has been enforcing the Indonesian National Standars (SNI) certification process on certain finished-good imports since 2001.
At the end of last year, it added a number of new products including mineral water, tires, helmet, gas-tank regulators and safety equipment to the list of those that must meet the standars.
The goverment also plans to enforce the rules more stringently to ensure that lower-quality imports are kept out. But according to Agus Tjahyana the Ministry of industry’s secretary general, the goverment needs more invesment from the private sector and help from universities that process laboratory testing facilities if it’s to be able to enforce the standars.
Agus said the current total of 500 labs was insufficient to conduct the requaired testing on more than 2000 different product standars. “for example, to take care of the SNI for all imported helnets coming to Indonesia, we only have one laboratory, located in Bandung,” Agus said.
“We would need at least five more to keep up with the millions and millions of helmets flowing into our country.” Djimanto also said the existing infrastucture was inadequate to ensure that the standars are properly enforced.
“We still see many products in retail markets that fail to meet the required SNI,” hesaid. Subagyo the Trade Ministry’s director general for domestic trade said the Rp 15billion annual budgets for monitoring illegal imports was insufficient. He called for the goverment to double it at the last.